Monday, January 10, 2011

... who would you make smile today ? ...

Ever tried to offer
the lunch you were just about to throw
to a hungry roadside child ???
The smile you get in return
will make u feel more better
than a relaxing luxury spa ...

Ever tried to speak
to an old isolated soul ???
The blessings you get in return
will feel more costlier
than anything you can buy...

Such small acts in life..
may not have any value for us ..
but for the recieving ones ..
it might matter a lot ..

This year ..I have made a resolution ..
to make one such soul smile ...everyday ..

So would you also make someone smile today ?


  1. Lil things in lyf make no meaning 2 people until they face it...very nice resolution...wish happiness evrywhr...
    Saji donates money to educate a student every year

  2. u are trying to do a great deed....all the best...i am not sure i can do that ...daily...

  3. Good one....Can u plz include me weekly once...I am a poor Motorolan :-)

  4. @ Saji : Feels good to hear u r already sponsering a child's education every year ...some ppl like me wake up late :P
    bt here i was also trying to say apart from money .. if we can help them in other ways too ..personal inclusion ..sort of .

    @ Ravi... :P tell me in what way u r a poor motorolan ..n hw can i make u smile :P :P

  5. its really of luck..god bless you..

  6. Very good post dear.I will try to give give waste food to the doggies roaming in the nearby area daily...

  7. Ya true. U have a good heart... Keep rocking

  8. @Neha: Personal inclusion ye that always works, Wish I was in India to that matter...
    So howz resolution going