Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Sweetest Possession

I am travelling tomorrow , so cant wait till March 26 to post this ..Heres wishing you a very Happy Birthday in advance my brother . With tons of love :-)

If I suffer with pain ,
Tears are in your eyes ...
If I face some trouble ,
Stress is in your mind ...
Either it be long waits
Outside the coaching centre ,
Or travelling with me in bus for hours ,
Just to drop me at the airport ,
You were there all the time ...
I may have fought with you ,
I may have argued several times ,
I may have got ya scolded by dad ,
But beleive me !! You were right all the time ;-)
I too understand your fears,
I too picturize your dreams ,
Just wanted you to know ,
That you are the sweetest possesion with me ...
Wish you a very Happy Birthday :-)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Realize The Beauty Of Soul

News these days is only filled with violence , fights , terrorism - all of which has roots in some kind of acrimony or hatred . Here's a small attempt to appeal for forgiveness and spread love with a good mission to aim for . Life has a better purpose .. lets find it ...

Try to realise
The inner beauty ..the beauty of soul ,
If you can't love ,
Atleast stop hating 'em all ...
Expand your horizon,
Stop worrying about petty things,
When God has blessed us all ,
With best of all his beings ...
Forgiving doesn't make you small ,
Neither does accepting your fault ,
Just cheer aloud and spread love ,
'Coz thats the way you'll be remembered ...
Look for ways , discover threads,
That help you improve at every step ,
Never look back , keep moving ahead ,
With love in heart , and courage unmatched ...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

You Are The Reason ...

My college sweethearts are finally getting together...
Two sweetest lovebirds I've ever met ... Congratulations to you both !!!
Heres my first post dedicated to you ..Cheers :-)

You are the reason ...
for the sunrises to be bright every morning ...
for the fragrance the rain brings with it ...
for the flowers to blossom every spring ...
for the breeze to be pleasant every evening ..
'Cos without you ..none of this has any meaning for me ..
'Cos you ..are the only reason why I exist ..