Sunday, March 21, 2010

Realize The Beauty Of Soul

News these days is only filled with violence , fights , terrorism - all of which has roots in some kind of acrimony or hatred . Here's a small attempt to appeal for forgiveness and spread love with a good mission to aim for . Life has a better purpose .. lets find it ...

Try to realise
The inner beauty ..the beauty of soul ,
If you can't love ,
Atleast stop hating 'em all ...
Expand your horizon,
Stop worrying about petty things,
When God has blessed us all ,
With best of all his beings ...
Forgiving doesn't make you small ,
Neither does accepting your fault ,
Just cheer aloud and spread love ,
'Coz thats the way you'll be remembered ...
Look for ways , discover threads,
That help you improve at every step ,
Never look back , keep moving ahead ,
With love in heart , and courage unmatched ...


  1. well said....if not all, we shd try "Forgiving doen't make you small" :-)

  2. what ever you said is absolutely true neha...only thing is every one shld try to follow this in their lives :-) wishing you to post more like this ...:-)

  3. wow.. the word is... EXCEPTIONAL ! :)

  4. Infact all the wordings are really meaningful... I guess it is good to express and aware us all about our inner selves ..I must say thanks n get going .. :)..

  5. Great. expecting a poem on IPL soon. not on RR though:)

  6. Wow... Rejuvenating thought... gr8 thought clubbed beautifully in words!!
    Keep Blogging :)