Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simple Thoughts ...

Have you ever problems in life seem to be small by just talking over with a friend...who gives no advice but simply our happiness holds no meaning until shared with someone who matters ... how the simple words like ' I Believe in You ' makes us feel more confident ... how when we just ooze out our anger instead of holding it on makes the bond stronger ... how the simple words n actions impact our lives ...
So , keep sharing ... pains , happiness , agonies , jubilations - with those who matter to us ...
It makes life worth it !!!

When there seems to be nowhere out ,
And the silver lining of dark clouds begins to disappear,
I wonder how often ...
Simply sharing our troubles ,
Releives us of the burden ,
And gives us the hope to move on .

When life has nothing to offer but failure ,
And the rough patch seems to be only widening ,
I wonder how often ...
Just a plain ' I Beleive in You' ,
Invigorates our spirits ,
And we muster the courage to tread on .

When the jubilant spirit is overwhelmed by breakthrough ,
And we're rendered speechless with happiness ,
I wonder how often ...
A simple ' Pat ' on the back ,
Quadruples our joy ,
And we're motivated to fly higher .

Simple , as it may sound ,
But I wonder how often ,
Just 'Sharing' the way we feel ,
Holds the key to balance out ...