Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simple Thoughts ...

Have you ever problems in life seem to be small by just talking over with a friend...who gives no advice but simply our happiness holds no meaning until shared with someone who matters ... how the simple words like ' I Believe in You ' makes us feel more confident ... how when we just ooze out our anger instead of holding it on makes the bond stronger ... how the simple words n actions impact our lives ...
So , keep sharing ... pains , happiness , agonies , jubilations - with those who matter to us ...
It makes life worth it !!!

When there seems to be nowhere out ,
And the silver lining of dark clouds begins to disappear,
I wonder how often ...
Simply sharing our troubles ,
Releives us of the burden ,
And gives us the hope to move on .

When life has nothing to offer but failure ,
And the rough patch seems to be only widening ,
I wonder how often ...
Just a plain ' I Beleive in You' ,
Invigorates our spirits ,
And we muster the courage to tread on .

When the jubilant spirit is overwhelmed by breakthrough ,
And we're rendered speechless with happiness ,
I wonder how often ...
A simple ' Pat ' on the back ,
Quadruples our joy ,
And we're motivated to fly higher .

Simple , as it may sound ,
But I wonder how often ,
Just 'Sharing' the way we feel ,
Holds the key to balance out ...


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  2. nice no in-fact good, but I should be critic here. There is a nice attitude towards the positive head of the coin, however the total mood is just negative ...
    You a real skill of narration and thoughts are really put on... something lines can be cherished ones :) ...
    Just be yourself, do what you want to do and do the best we can... rest will follow us... and friends are "temp" since temp is the only permanent thing.. so we can always share the memory space with "temp" :P ...
    All is well !!!

    here i am, in the corners of the world ..