Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Sweetest Possession

I am travelling tomorrow , so cant wait till March 26 to post this ..Heres wishing you a very Happy Birthday in advance my brother . With tons of love :-)

If I suffer with pain ,
Tears are in your eyes ...
If I face some trouble ,
Stress is in your mind ...
Either it be long waits
Outside the coaching centre ,
Or travelling with me in bus for hours ,
Just to drop me at the airport ,
You were there all the time ...
I may have fought with you ,
I may have argued several times ,
I may have got ya scolded by dad ,
But beleive me !! You were right all the time ;-)
I too understand your fears,
I too picturize your dreams ,
Just wanted you to know ,
That you are the sweetest possesion with me ...
Wish you a very Happy Birthday :-)

1 comment:

  1. A gr8 feelings come all the way from childhood... it seems to be all brother n sister story who really enjoyed the companionship of each other. good yr .. keep it going .. u rock!!;-)